The very heart of our company is invested in keeping the driver ahead of all tax liabilities.  Planning is the most important aspect of your business.  Just like any other business, you need to know where you are financially at any given point in the year.  The TAP program lets us do that for you.  We review settlement statements, profit and loss statements, and other accounting statements to better estimate your quarterly taxes and other related filings.  Let us help you get organized and take the surprise out of making your business successful.


There is nothing more important to us here than the support of our military men and women who give their lives to keep us free.  We offer you all a 10% discount, across the board, with thanks and our lasting appreciation for all that you have done.


We do nothing but service the truck driving industry.  We will file all of your applicable state and federal taxes.  If you’re married, we will file a joint return for you and your spouse. We promise to act as your personal accountant and take the worry out of tax preparation.  The only tax surprises we like are good ones.


There are tax deadlines for individual tax returns and corporate tax returns.  You will always be kept informed of those dates on this website and you will always have an opportunity to file extensions through us.