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Some of our services:

Monthly Bookkeeping – All of our monthly bookkeeping activities revolve around keeping you profitable and out of debt to the IRS.  We analyze settlement statements, prepare P&Ls, estimate tax, and make sure you understand where you are financially every month of the year.

Settlement Statement Analysis – It’s not what’s in your Settlement Statement that’s important, it’s what’s not in it.  It doesn’t tell you what you already owe in taxes.  It also doesn’t tell you what you can deduct in order to lower that tax debt.  We do and more.

Preparation of Profit and Loss Statements – This sounds like a simple task, but it’s not.  When you’re on the road you have enough to think about.  But someone has to be able to tell you how much money you have left to spend after taxes and normal road expenses.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes and Related Filings – Once we collect your monthly financial information, we can tell you how much money you should put aside in order to pay your taxes, both federal and state.  There are enough surprises in life, you don’t need a tax debt to be one of them.

Complete Business Consulting Services – Do you know what the benefits of incorporation are?  How can you tell if you should incorporate, and if so, what kind of corporation should you form?  We can answer all those questions plus tell you the best way to protect your assets.and stay profitable.

Payroll Services – Finding a company to handle your payroll who understands the trucking business can be challenging. Most payroll services don’t understand payroll cards, comchek advances, trip expenses, team miles, solo miles, shuttle runs, hourly drivers, let alone per diem. We also will help you create and e file your 1099 forms.  TTS has been doing business in the trucking industry for almost ten years and we understand everything you are going through from a finance and tax perspective.  We know we can help find ways to save you money and keep your drivers on the road and happy.

Tax Preparation – Come January, the only information you will have to prepare for your taxes is December.

I can’t speak highly enough of Trucker’s Income Tax! I have been going to them for years and provide an exceptional service. Thank you!

Dan McBrian

It has been a huge relief to have the assistance of Trucker’s Income Tax. They have made my life so much easier! Thank you Rhona!

Jim Ryan